39 - September 2020 (Drone, ragga hip hop, UK dancehall, grime & 160 BPM pounders...)


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The usual affray from Holler on Dublin Digital Radio. Taking you through some drone, some sloppy dancehall and heavy bass bizness. New stuff to look out for this month is that release from Kahn - written in the days following the disaster in Beirut in the hope of raising funds to donate towards the relief effort. Loving that Nahash album on SVBKVLT too - a proper reminder of good breakcore with a decent polish. New bits on RUA Sound too. And pay attention to that old Sweetie Irie track, a proper anthem for the moment. It's also the inspiration behind that rabble pitchside ad in Dalymount proclaiming "system a fraud"! We'll be back next month and hopefully from the studio with our annual Hollweerween night of fright. TRACKLISTING Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini - CC Pad (Phantasy Sound) Chester Raj Anand - Domo (Quiet Time Tapes) Kuedo - Persuasion (self-released) Alva Noto - Xerrox Calypsoid 1 (Noton) SOS Gunver Ryberg - Mirage of Spiral Wavelength (Whities) Roly Porter - Burial (Subtext) Kevin Richard Martin - Feedback Cycle 6 - The Void (Intercranial Recordings) KMRU - Solace (Editions Mego) Echium - Sunken (Sferic) Dreamcycles - Abrasive Routes (Queeste) Forest Swords - The Textile Factory (Dense Truth) For Beirut Part 3 - Kahn (Bandcamp) Delusions Of Grandeur - Skeptical (Exit) Changement De Régime - Nahash (SVBKVLT) Racist - Sweetie Irie (Charm) Brutality - Asher D and Daddy Freddy (Quadras Remix) Romantic Call - Patra (Epic) Tight Skirt - Samanatha J Ft Konsheens (DJ Influence Flip) Don't Walk Away From Me Jamaica - Gavsborg (Equiknoxx Music) Ladies & Gentlemen - Borai & Denham Audio (Club Glow) Labyrinth - Arcane (Rua Sound) Darkness - Grimescapes (Youth) Vibesman - Chunky (81) Rhythm Hi-Tek - Lurka (Timedance) Betty - Pa Salieu (Warner Music UK) Andaman Sea - Brodinski x Low Jack (Editions Gravats) 2020 Vision - Kouslin (Livity Sound) Loose Dub - Jay Glass Dubs (Seagrave) Keysound Sessions Anthem (Feverish Weightless Mix) - Blackdown (Keysound) Get A Job - Hypho - (81) Oh's and Zee's - Hypho (81) 19STR8BK - Low End Activist (Seagrave)

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