Wednesday, July 20, 2022 - PICKACODANYCOD


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A crunchier than usual Wednesday crossword, not because of the presence of OREOs in the grid, but rather because today's constructor, Josh Kindler, is so adept at his craft. The clues ranged from sorta-kinda obvious, e.g., 53D, It's rigged!, SAIL, to somewhat more obscure, e.g., 45D, King of the Titans, in Greek mythology, KRONOS, to the we never saw that coming, e.g., 38A, Part of a botanical garden, FERNERY. [For the record, the most excellent Green Bay Botanical Center, our go-to for all things botanical, makes no mention of such a thing.]
tldr; we liked the crossword, and to find out precisely why, you know what to do: subscribe / download / listen up.

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