Marvel’s Midnight Suns Delayed: What's Going On?! - Kinda Funny Games Daily 08.09.22


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Greg and Tim talk about Midnight Suns being delayed, Arc Raiders and why that got delayed, Everybody's Golf's developer registering trademarks, and some fun Sonic news! Also they're making a Pac-Man movie.

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00:09:50 - Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been delayed… AGAIN

00:20:20 - Arc Raiders was delayed because of Embark Studios’s other game

00:24:37 - Everybody’s Golf studio has registered trademarks for a potential new golf game

00:30:01 - Arc System Works Wants to work with more IPs

00:33:27 - “I just wanted to throw out some IPs I’d like to see adapted into fighting games…” - MaDogNik96

00:40:08 - Ads

00:42:13 - 99 percent of Netflix subscribers haven’t tried its games yet

00:50:07 - A Pac-Man live-action movie is in development

00:52:18 - Speaking of video game movies!: Sonic 3 (the movie) has a date!

00:56:21 - Speaking of Sonic, the blue blur is gonna be at Gamescom Opening Night Live

00:57:24 - Out today

00:58:40 - You‘re Wrong

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