Nintendo Switch Pro NOT Arriving in 2022 - Kinda Funny Games Daily 08.04.22


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Blessing and Tim talk about a report that we're not getting a new Switch hardware in 2022, Multiversus is a hit, Koch Media is now Plaion, and Ubisoft could get bought!

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00:00:00 - Start and the show is off the rails

00:11:50 - Housekeeping

  • There’s a new Kinda Funny Gamescast live today! Come for the Soul Hackers 2 preview and stay for the biggest gaming disappointments of this console generation!
  • August’s Patreon Platinum Item has been revealed! - Designed and concepted by @PhillJWoodward!
  • The Roper Report -

00:13:15 - No new Nintendo Switch hardware this fiscal year

00:27:25 - Dead By Daylight’s Studio has announced their next game and it sounds rad as hell

00:32:08 - MultiVersus Season 1 And Morty Release Date have been delayed

00:35:34 - Ads

00:37:20 - Tencent seeks to become single-largest Ubisoft shareholder

00:47:00 - Koch Media have changed their name to Plaion

00:53:19 - Life Is Strange Developers 'Can't Imagine' Going Back to an Episodic Release Model

00:59:30 - Out today

01:02:18 - You‘re Wrong

Tomorrow’s Hosts: Tim & Bless

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