PlayStation vs Xbox: Call of Duty's Impact - Kinda Funny Games Daily 08.01.22


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Greg and Tim talk about Call of Duty's importance in console sales, what to expect for the upcoming Pokemon Presents stream, and PlayStation retiring a PS5 feature.

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00:00:00 - Start

00:09:59 - Housekeeping

00:12:17 - Sony says Microsoft’s ownership of Call of Duty could influence console buyers in the future

00:22:55 - We’re getting a Pokemon Presents livestream this week!

00:28:09 - Sony Is Retiring Accolades, a PS5 Launch Feature

00:36:32 - Ad

00:38:15 - Dr. Disrespect reveals first gameplay demo for his FPS ‘Deadrop’

00:46:18 - PlayStation announces Evo 2022 live show and teases ‘exciting reveals’ this week

00:53:24 - Riot’s Project L is going to be free-to-play

00:56:46 - Out today

00:59:37 - You‘re Wrong

Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg & Bless

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