Welcome Home Part 2


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Hillsong says 'Everybody's Welcome'. But for years the question has dragged on in celeb and mainstream media:

Is everybody welcome in the same way?

How are members of the LGBT community treated? The pink dollars are welcome but what about the humans behind them?

Noemi Uribe shares her experiences of asking these questions to her pastors and leaders in Boston as part of the East Coast 'campus' of Hillsong.

Due to the deliberately vague avoidance, she received very clear answers and the impact of this treatment was nearly catastrophic.

This very tender episode of Leaving Hillsong discusses sexuality, gender, and discrimination in the church context and how that leads to severe physical and mental health results for some. Noemi so rightly says, "Bad theology kills". So please take care when listening.

She shares how she learned, gained support, and escaped the prison of this thinking and how she gained her freedom.

Make sure you join us for this recent and startling set of events so generously shared by this brave young woman of colour as we talk about #leavinghillsong as a matter of saving lives.

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