Let there be Light - The American Israelite Newspaper Podcast


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Let there be Light - The American Israelite Newspaper Podcast is a weekly podcast that’s gives an overview and personal insight into articles of the week from The American Israelite newspaper, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Though published in Cincinnati, and the oldest English Speaking Jewish newspaper in the country, The American Israelite has for nearly 200 years devoted itself to not only local news, but regional, national and global articles of interest to any Jewish community. Podcast 1.0 is hosted by Netanel (Ted) Deutsch, publisher of The American Israelite and Julie (Babs) Brook. Podcast 2.0 is hosted by Ted, along with four wonderful new cohosts: Stephanie Deutsch, Pam Geller, Julia Olson, and Lorrie Platt. Each week, they go through the paper, share stories, and bring great conversations to the podcast table.

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