Lyrics Born - Growing Up Asian American in the United States


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"The minute I heard [Trump] say 'China Virus' and 'Kung Flu' I knew it was going to be open season on Asians," Lyrics Born tells Library Rap: The Hip Hop Interviews during their must-listen conversation this week.

"ANTI" by Lyrics Born and Filipino-American DJ Cutso is a new track denouncing the criminal epidemic that shines a light on this troubling rise in their communities, with hope that it spreads awareness to stop the violence against AAPI.

Lyrics Born discusses the false narrative of conflict between Asian-Americans and other communities, the pinning by White America of communities of Color against each other, the minimizing of racism in the United States by pushing the idea of the “Model Minority”, lack of Asian-American history in American History Books, the toll racism has on mental health and much more.

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