We're all archivists, if you think about it


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How do we, millennials, and the Canadian South Asian diaspora more broadly, archive life online? What would historians say about the digital remnants we leave behind about ourselves on social media, say, 100 years from now? Alisha introduces us to The Gwillim Project — a body of research housed at McGill University that offers us a glimpse into the letters and paintings from two British sisters living in Madras, India around 1800. Follow along as she pieces together parts of her own hyphenated identity by examining the role social media and other digital platforms play in the informal archiving and preservation of our day-to-day lives and stories. She's joined by Olivia Bowden, a national news writer at CTV News; Shetu Modi, a video producer at ET Canada; and Sahaj Kohli, founder of Brown Girl Therapy.

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