#361 Mail-Right Show: Real Show: 10 Reasons Why Most Agents FAIL in Real Estate


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10 Reasons Why Most Agents FAIL in Real Estate Industry

Imagine if a deadly disease hit the earth, causing a mortality rate even remotely near the failure rate of real estate agents — people would live in complete, utter panic.

The failure rate in real estate is high — extremely high. Many people who were in your real estate class are unlikely to be in the business five years from now. While that sounds alarming, it’s your livelihood at stake, so you better pay attention.

Why do so many agents fail and quit the business?

1: - interested vs.committed words are cheap actions are harder.

2: - No strategy when it comes to lead generation.

3: - Fear of mistakes and the desire to look good.

4: - No (or wrong) role model.

5: - Monday-Friday, 9-6 mentality.

6: - No real belief in oneself or abilities.

7: - No metrics If you can't measure results, it really doesn't exist.

8: - Poor schedule, weak routines (we are creatures of habits) are your habits really helping you?

9: - Lack of financial management

10: - Poor website and digital marketing presence!

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