Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/12/22


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On Friday's Mark Levin Show, as mentioned on this program the FBI is looking for anything they can to hurt former President Trump. The latest information revealed in the now unsealed warrant indicates that the FBI is angling to go after Trump for violating the espionage act. The entire search is a pre-text using subterfuge because Trump gave the FBI access to all the subpoenaed boxes when they met with Trump's lawyers in June of 2022. These same boxes were seized in the raid. If the FBI really suspected secret documents regarding nuclear codes, they would have seized them back in June. So, what changed between June and August? Why was there a dire need now in August when they were just there? They could've gotten a judge to sign an order subpoenaing the boxes, but they chose to conduct a raid that included Melania Trump's wardrobe because they wanted access to everything they could see, not just what was included in the narrow scope of what they outlined in the warrant. It's unimaginable to think that we are putting a former President in this unprecedented position. Later, the espionage act was created to prosecute spies, not former U.S Presidents. US Attorney Graves and Deputy Attorney General Monaco are the two central figures in this expedition into former president Trump and they behave as if this is the United States of the Democrat Party instead of the USA. Afterward, Republicans must announce that they will defund and remove the 87,000 new IRS Auditors if and when they win the Presidency and a majority in Congress.

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