The Best Of Mark Levin - 9/10/22


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This week on The Mark Levin Show, Bill Barr is on his Trump hate tour. What President Biden is trying to do is change the Republican Party. Democrats want a Republican Party on a leash like when former Presidents Bush and VP Dick Cheney were in office and always played along with Democrat schemes in the name of bipartisanship. They know Mitch McConnell isn't going to take on the radical left. The Democrats can't tolerate strong conservatives leading the Republican Party. California is facing an energy crisis and its Governor has banned gas-powered vehicles while simultaneously asking Californians to not charge their electric cars to not strain the grid. Queen Elizabeth II died at 96 years old. She was a statesman and a class act that has seen changes in this world for good and for bad. The generation that fought a world war for this nation is all but gone, what is left is our generation. How are we doing? The generation to follow us has embraced Marxism. Our generation in Washington is weakening our nation. Democrats are all in on the de-growth (climate change) movement because Marx was against capitalist pro-growth policies for the private sector. This is about destroying the free market, not about climate change.

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