The Lies and Murders of Chandler Halderson AND The Children of Thunder Murder Cult


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Chandler Halderson worked extremely hard not to have a job. He built a world of lies that came crumbling down around him, and instead of just owning up to his lies, Chandler decided to double down on his bad decisions by committing a double homicide. Continuing the trend of losers committing murder, we discuss the Children of Thunder cult... which had a member count of... 3. Brothers Glenn and Justin Helzer had found themselves excommunicated from the church of LDS and Glenn had his sights set on world domination. Fortunately for the world, the Children of Thunder were very bad at figuring out how to devise a plan to take over the world. One of their plans included orphan assassins but when that didn't work out, they became murderers themselves. Clearly, they were just as bad at covering their tracks as they were at planning their takeover of the world, or else we wouldn't be talking about them in this episode.

We also discuss fighting a grizzly bear and Cash is the dumbest man alive. Enjoy!

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