125 - Natasha Marchewka and Katherine Tole Interview (Voice 123 Course)


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Recording voice-over projects daily since 2006, Natasha Marchewkahas grown her business exponentially through referrals from happy clients throughout North America and around the globe. From Electrolux to ZipRecruiter to Adventures By Disney, clients continue to return to her product and service worthy of their most important business projects.


Katherine Tole is a voice actor specializing in video games, narration, commercials, eLearning and animation. Katherine has been an avid video gamer since she was a kid and understands what gamers are looking for in their characters. From grunting to spell casting, she has decades of experience listening to the characters that came before her.


Natasha and Katherine have created a fantastic course on how to maximize your Voice 123 profile. I've taken their course and it's worked amazingly well for me! Here's the link to their course:


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