iShares Chaudhuri: Solid recovery isn't going away when the reopening ends


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Gargi Chaudhuri, head of investment strategy for iShares, Americas says that while the reopening is driving growth right now, she expects capital expenditure and infrastructure spending to keep the economy rolling into and through 2022. She also notes that while the pandemic shutdown was a global event, the reopening is happening in pockets which will mean that different regions -- and industries -- will be coming back and gaining steam at different times, which should prolong the global recovery, although she notes that central bankers will have to act prudently to keep the underlying conditions primed for growth. Turning to technical analysis, Dan Zanger of sees nothing but bullish patterns and a breakout to new highs ahead, saying he expects the market to roll into the early summer before taking a breather come late July and August; even that respite, he said, will not stop the upward momentum. Also on the show, Bob Long, chief executive officer at Conversus, discusses how 'tender funds' can give investors access to private equity and smooth out portfolio performance, and we revisit a recent chat with Jason Thomas, chief economist at AssetMark.

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