Cambria's Faber: U.S. outlook is depressing but 'there's massive opportunity elsewhere'


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Meb Faber, chief executive and chief investment officer for Cambria Investments, says that the U.S. stock market's return to record high levels has given it little room to move forward from here -- with the exception of value stocks, which remain attractive despite a 'face-ripper' of a year -- but he believes that while investors can ride the current trends until they change, he notes that the biggest opportunities are around the world right now. He notes that most people are too focused on America in their asset allocations, but they now are looking at cheaper names and bigger growth potential abroad. Also on the show, Tom Lydon of makes an actively managed financial-sector fund his 'ETF of the Week,' and Chuck Carlson of Horizon Investment Services and The DRIP Investor, talks about the art and science of selecting stocks using his firm's Quadrix system in the Market Call.

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