NW Mutual's Schutte: This market's not ready for recession


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Brent Schutte, chief investment strategist for Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management, says that while worries about rising inflation and interest rates have some market observers talking about the potential for recession, he believes they're ahead of the economy right now. Schutte says the economic cycle still has room to roll -- and that the market will pick up as fears of long-term inflation in the coming few quarters. The remainder of the show has a distinct focus on income, and ways to generate and protect it in the inflationary/rising rate environment. Tom Lydon of ETFTrends.com makes a fund that pays monthly income and that has an 8 percent current yield his 'ETF of the Week,' and Renee Schaaf, president of retirement and income solutions for Principal Financial Group, talks about the pros and cons of purchasing annuities under these changing market conditions.

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