S2 Finale: Desert Nights


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This has been a Morbid Forest production. On the season finale you've heard-'Desert Nights'. Written by Naomi Richards with narration by Naomi Richards, Shawn Moreau, Gale Von Cott, Uncle Jared from the Ghostlore of Hawaii podcast, and Luke from the Dead Man Talkings Forest of Fear Youtube Channel. Please give both these amazing shows a listen!

Ghostlore of Hawaii: When most people think of Hawaii, they imagine sand, surf, and the Aloha Spirit....but spirits of a different kind may occupy the Hawaiian islands. Most people visiting the islands don‘t know of Hawaii‘s haunted history. Want to learn of the haunted hotels and the restless spirits that still roam the grounds? Or why whistling at night attracts spirits of the dead... Come join me, Uncle Jared, as I cover these infamous tales on my podcast, Ghostlore of Hawaii: Paranormal Paradise. https://www.ghostloreofhawaii.com

DMT: Dead Man Talking is a Scary Story YouTube channel for narrated Real Monster Encounters, Strange Animal Attacks, Creepy Creature Sightings, and True Ghost Stories. https://www.youtube.com/c/DeadManTalkingsForestOfFear

There are some amazing indigenous horror writers out there. Here are a few that are turning into our favorites:

Season 2 theme music provided by The Bridge City Sinner- Ashes https://www.bridgecitysinners.com

Music this episode

  • A Mathematic Genius- David Celeste
  • A Bad Place to Be- Bonn Fields
  • Cruel Intentions-Etienne Roussel
  • Navajo Fire Dance Song (Traditional). Album: Spiritual Songs, Chants & Flute Music of the Native American Indian.
  • Of Navajo-Ute heritage, R. Carlos Nakai is the world’s premier performer of the Native American flute. Originally trained in classical trumpet and music theory, Nakai was given a traditional cedar wood flute as a gift and challenged to see what he could do with it.
  • http://www.nativepartnership.org/site/PageServer?pagename=nrf_howtohelp . Msuic selected from his album: Canyon Trilogy (Deluxe Platinum Edition)

Thank you so much to everyone that participating in this season! We couldn't be more grateful for your continued support.

To our many wayward Travelers out there, thank you for sticking with us. We hope to continue bringing you more horror for the foreseeable future. We can't wait to show you what we have planned next.

See you next time Travelers!

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