The Wade Twins: Maximizing Your Day


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Morning People! I got the double package privilege to not only have one guest, but TWO on this week’s episode. I’m joined by the internet sensations and stars of Dated & Related on Netflix, Henry and William Wade - aka the Wade Twins. The London-based twins work as digital content creators partnering with brands like Kurt Geiger, Tommy Hilfiger, Gillette, Land Rover, and Tag Heuer. We deep dive on what the everyday life of an influencer is really like and how their favorite survival tips to maintain that busy schedule. We talk their dream idea for their own reality show and their interest for showcasing their different personalities. The twins give us some great insight on the perfect content creation schedule without overdoing it and how to keep your followers intrigued while also successfully rallying new followers. With passion, discipline and keeping a smile on your face, the twins let us in on the secret to doing what you love and loving what you do.

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