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Luke had the NERVE to show up without having his teacup from Value Village with him on my Podcast! He did try to find it, and he couldn't, so an E for your Effort. :) The disappointment was quasi UNDONE when he told us that he is now into coffee cups. What a great marketing symbol though! Smashing the tea cups on their videos. A theme.
Nick is the only one who gets WASTED on liquor! He drinks for the whole group!
This group is not anywhere near being DISCONNECTED. They work so well together.
The group is unapologetically proud of being from Edmonton. Their provincial LOYALTY also expands to NICKELBACK, which is from Alberta as well. Is there anyone who can connect them to them? I am going to try, however, if anyone else can help out, PLEASE DO.
Their ridiculousness is never going to COLLAPSE! They are going to keep going and showing who they are. Five goofy dudes who are also serious about what they do.
TAILSPIN? Is it about the gold feathered necklace dude? Or which story is the biggest one that defines their tailspin? :)
To find them or stalk them, Nick, Brad, and Luke can be found anywhere by looking up Calling All Captains. And you can find Tim on IG look for the topless hot drummer,
You can also get started at www.callingallcaptainsband.com.
Want a word of wisdom? Listen right to the end! :)
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