Episode #33: Interview with Penny Sanderson


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Date: 05/25/2021

Show Description:

Penny Sanderson is Professor of Cognitive Engineering and Human Factors at The University of Queensland, where she has appointments in the School of Psychology, School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, and School of Clinical Medicine. She graduated with her BA (with Honors) from University of Western Australia and then completed her PhD at University of Toronto in Canada. She worked for 11 years at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before returning to her native Australia. In her research, Penny develops, tests and applies theories about the human role in complex sociotechnical systems. She has conducted research in healthcare, power systems, air defence, air traffic control, and emergency response. She has made important contributions to our understanding of the impact of workplace interruptions on work performance; the design of effective auditory interfaces in safety-critical systems; and the perceptual, cognitive, and social effects of wearable technologies. Penny is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, and the International Ergonomics Association.

Penny has received many awards including:

· The Distinguished International Colleague Award and the Paul M. Fitts Educator Award from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society include

· The Jerome H. Ely Best Paper Award (twice) in the journal Human Factors.

· The Franklin V Taylor Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Applied Experimental/Engineering Psychology from the American Psychological Association.

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