neuroscienceCME - Epilepsy in the New Millennium: Emerging Treatments and Guidelines for Effective Diagnosis and Disease Management


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Does having a seizure mean epilepsy, or is it an isolated neurological event? Failure to recognize diagnostic uncertainty between the epilepsies and non-epileptic events may be a factor in high rates of misdiagnosis. Many patients who have been misdiagnosed as having epilepsy have had previous EEGs interpreted as epileptiform that contributed to the misdiagnosis of epilepsy. Patients are often faced with the need to tolerate complex cocktails of medications over long periods of time causing side effects of these chronic medications to be of concern for both physicians and their patients. Pharmacologic management of patients with epilepsy is one of the greatest unmet needs of the disease. It is important that clinicians are aware of the evidence for current and emerging therapies so they can individualize care of their patients. There is no real "Gold Standard" of guidelines for improving diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, but clinicians need to be aware of the most recent guidelines and how they can incorporate them in their practice. In this neuroscienceCME webcast, the experts will explore these clinical challenges of managing patients with epilepsy, and will provide insights and strategies for the improvement of patient care.

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