Origins Originals with James Andrew Miller explicit


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From James Andrew Miller, creator of the innovative hit podcast Origins, comes Origins Originals—full-length podcast interviews with celebrated subjects featured in “Origins” Chapters – from Larry David, Cheryl Hines, and J. B. Smoove, to Bill Simmons, Michelle Beadle and Keith Olbermann -- and many more. Origins explores the beginnings of significant phenomena in television shows, films, music , even human relationships; Origins Originals will showcase the discussions from those shows in their entirety. For his New York Times bestsellers on Saturday Night Live, ESPN, and Hollywood talent agency CAA, Miller conducted more than 2,000 interviews and earned a reputation as one of the leading questioners in journalism today. “Origins Originals” will be the place to hear intrepid thinkers candidly discuss creativity, ingenuity, and how they have blazed some of the most important cultural trails of our time.

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