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Welcome to Episode 142! It's the Season 4 Premiere!! FINALLY! The Boys are baaaaaaack and in rare form as they start a new season in style. Seems a lot of trash has happened while they were away and Mark & Casey can't not comment on some topics (you knew they would)! So pour that winter style port vintage and let's get ready to Paint!
After catching up on some of the events since the holidays the topic starts to turn politics and of course, Casey & Mark are discussing the pathetic and embarrassing stunt by the MAGA reps at keeping the government from working -- shocker! --- which inevitably turns to the freshmen Congressman who doesn't seem to have much of a relationship with the truth. Mark & Casey are running down and ripping up the lies upon lies upon lies of the Congressman formerly known as Kitara Ravache; formerly known as George Devolder; formerly known Anthony Devolder; also known as George Santos -- wanted in Brazil for fraud. Confused yet? Shocked? Will Casey & Mark have the tea.
Then it's time for Trash Talk. This week's topics include sex positivity, a trip to hell, and horrifying accident on New Year's Eve. Then in Recommendations (or wreck-o-mendations), Mark is giving us an "art film" and Casey has some easy watching, trash television.
The Boys are excited to be back with you, kicking off their 4th season! It's a premiere worthy episode full of Painted Trash; so pour some of that port vintage, grab your easel, canvas, and colors -- it's time to Paint!

Let The Boys of Painted Trash know your thoughts on this week's topics and episode! What street festivals do you attend? Do you like street fests? What is your favorite festival??
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