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The work landscape has changed drastically over the past few weeks thanks to COVID-19, and our setup is no different. On Episode 16, our first Pod from Home episode, Andrew and Kevin share Tales from Home – observations from their experience shifting from the office to the homefront for work – to help stop the spread.

They discuss their setup, schedule, work-life balance, things they miss, and things they like – also getting into issues that employers and employees may experience when working to set up reliable secure remote access. Plus, you’ll even get a couple of show recommendations to pass the non-work time.

Learn more about everything network security on our Firewalls.com Blog, which features multiple articles about secure remote work. And our YouTube channel features a couple of videos, one from an employer and another from an employee perspective, about working from home.

Our cyber security headlines discussed on the episode include a special guest appearance by Andrew's dog Raven during the first story. They are:

COVID-19 exposes gaps in cybersecurity safety net as millions work from home


WHO Targeted in Espionage Attempt, COVID-19 Cyberattacks Spike


Cybersecurity experts to fight coronavirus related hacking


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