Super Bowl - and CyberSecurity - Trivia


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February 7, 2021 marks Super Bowl LV - or 55 for those of us not well-versed in Roman numerals. And just like any other major event, there are cybersecurity implications. We explore them in a pop quiz featuring Tom Brady, the Kansas City Chiefs, Windows, and even Armenia. Listen on to find out how cybersecurity and football intersect.
In Ransomware Reckoning, learn just how much ransomware cost last year, and what the outlook is moving forward.
For headlines, we tackle - get it? - stories on a major Emotet bust, some creative business email compromise tactics on Microsoft 365, and a switch to paper for US courts thanks to the SolarWinds hack.
See the stories:
Police dismantle world's 'most dangerous' criminal hacking network
Microsoft 365 Becomes Haven for BEC Innovation
US court system ditches electronic filing, goes paper-only for sensitive documents following SolarWinds hack
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