Episode 30 - No Resolution...for Now (English) | #30HariBersuara


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English transcription for today's episode below:

Do you think this episode would turn out to be my 2021 plans for this podcast? Nah, mate, I don’t want to think about that right now.

(Intro – English)

Welcome back to Podcast Tepak Bulu, your one-stop badminton podcast from Indonesia. Yes, I just thought about that earlier before I even typed it down for today’s script.

For those who are wondering, yes, I stick to a script when it comes to English episodes. I couldn’t even string a sentence or two when speaking freely. It would ooze nonsense and thoughtless blabbers.


Anyway, back to our today’s episode, as I said earlier, I don’t want to talk about plans for 2021, because I don’t have any…well…besides finishing my master’s and probably a side project or two, but I am not going to discuss about that right now.

Looking back in 2020, it felt so short, almost in a blink of an eye, seriously. I didn’t do much at all or felt like I am so productive and giving instant impacts on a daily basis. But podcast-wise, it’s a different kind of journey altogether.

I thought I would produce maybe 30 episodes max for this year, but the number is doubled or almost tripled. But in terms of listeners, maybe there aren’t that much Still, I am glad at least one or two people do keep listening to the podcast throughout this unprecedented year.

If there’s a resolution that has been done this year, podcast would be the answer. This is the first time I’ve been solely focusing my time on this one. But the blessings aren’t just over yet, I’ve met so many amazing people, albeit online due to the pandemic, ranging from a student like me, athletes, radio announcers, people in creative, and from other types of profession, that I couldn’t even point out every single one of them.

Those alone have ticked so many boxes from my imaginary to-do list, that I couldn’t have possibly thought about it. Apologies if this episode doesn’t suit your interest in badminton or anything, but this is the only time I could go out of my way for once and express my gratitude.

I don’t believe in resolution or anything regarding new year, because it’s just a different number at the end of the date, on your phone, or on your calendar, but I just want to wish you a good slide into 2021 and hope you have a great year ahead.

That’s it from me, this is probably the last English episode in 2020. Thank you so much for listening and see you tomorrow. Ibi is signing out, peace!

Episode ini merupakan bagian dari tantangan #30HariBersuara dari @thepodcasters.id di Instagram.

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