Francisco Franco Part 1: Spain’s Buried Past


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Today, Spain is Europe’s holiday capital. But beyond the sun-kissed veneer lie sinister secrets. When you think of European dictators two names usually spring to mind: Hitler and Mussolini. Francisco Franco’s name is often overlooked. Today, Spain is a vibrant democracy. But in living memory - from 1939 to 1975 - General Franco ruled the nation as dictator. Despite his bloody campaigns of civilian repression, Franco held power for decades and died peacefully in his bed at the ripe old age of 82. How was he able to commit such atrocities and get away with it? The story begins in the 1890s on Spain’s Atlantic coast, where Francisco Franco is born and raised. After joining the army, the young officer is posted to north Africa, where his desperation to make his name will nearly cost him his life.

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