Episode 41: Manage your Time, Say No, Set Boundaries, and Create Margin, Peace and Rest in Your Life


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"I need help managing my time and getting it all done. I am so behind. I am overwhelmed."
I hear this on a daily basis. I have been there and recorded this podcast to help you figure out how to manage yourself within the time you have been given.
God is the author of time. He is actually in control of it. Listen today to learn how to prioritize your life, say no, create boundaries, and get it all done - or at least the most important things that God called you to do. Also learn how to create margin in your life.
Tuesday, September 6th we will begin our 21 day study on the Gospel of John. This will be through the YouVersion Bible App and our fb community. You can join our fb community through the link below and I will share the link for the study in there. This is a great community of like-minded women where we can discuss the Bible and grow our faith.
This Gospel of John has also evolved into a deeper study in our community. I have created a free workbook for you along with study tips to help you dig deeper. This is such a rich study. If you are finding this podcast later, you can always pop into our group and I will have the workbook, and all the videos in the guides so you can go at your own pace.
If you are listening and not sure what it means to be saved, have salvation or ask Jesus into your heart. Go to my website and the "Free Resources" tab and I have steps for salvation with Bible verses there for you. If you have any questions, please reach out to me through fb or IG messenger.
For more info on my Kingdom Business Workshop I have coming up, Text workshop to 936-247-3169
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