Scott Robbins and the Traveling Show: A Musical-Podcast


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Scott Robbins and the Traveling Show is a new musical with Book, Music, Lyrics by Tyler Tafolla. With additional Music and Lyrics by McKale Bingham and Jack DePuy. "On the Great Plains of America in the year 1935, a young con man named Scott Robbins passes himself off as a world famous magician to join a traveling circus and make a better life for himself. He will try not to get caught while finding love, family and something greater in himself."The show originated at AMDA College Conservatory of the Performing Arts as a college workshop, a part of the student led Artist Lab: Student Vision. Scott Robbins had a run at the New York Theatre Festival: Summerfest, where it was nominated for Best Musical and Best Score. This new musical has also had productions at Rockwell Table & Stage Los Angeles, The Hillcrest Center for the Arts Thousand Oaks, and Groundworks Theatre Arts in San Diego. The show was also performed as a student led zoom production for Manhattan School of Music in 2020. This musical now comes to you in the style of the 1930's radio plays of the past, with the hope to whisk you away to an exciting, new and colorful world. Instagram: @scottrobbinsnewmusical. Facebook & Youtube: Scott Robbins and the Traveling Show

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