How On EARTH Do You Weigh The EARTH?!


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This week Scientist and author Isabel Thomas joins us to answer some of the strangest questions around. We hear about the deadly blood sucking Vulture Bee in Dangerous Dan and as always we are joined by our friends Professor Hallux and Amy's Aviation to hear all about the water you shouldn't drink and how propellors work! In Science In the News, we hear of 53 silent sea creatures that can actually talk and a fantastic froggy discovery!

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1. Science in the news (00:01:52)

2. Feature 1: Prof. Hallux (00:03:42)

3. Questions (00:06:51)

4. INTERVIEW (00:09:12)

5. Dangerous Dan! (00:18:54)

6. Feature 2: Amy's Aviation (00:20:13)

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