Is this the future of fashion?


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Our interview with Dr Ciara McGrath the Young Woman Engineer of the Year reveals some of the possibilities for the smart fashion of the FUTURE! In Science in the News Seagulls are going missing and we find out what people are making with old fishing nets... and the star of dangerous Dan is the FANG TOOTHED FISH!

There's still time to also catch up with Professor Hallux about what we drink and Amy Aviation is here to tell us about some amazing plane designs!

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1. Science in the news (00:01:25)

2. Feature 1: Prof. Hallux (00:03:30)

3. Questions (00:06:44)

4. INTERVIEW (00:09:27)

5. Dangerous Dan! (00:19:09)

6. Feature 2: Amy's Aviation (00:20:47)

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