The far left and hard right agree: Ukraine is all about Joe Biden


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This week, Joshua Holland kicks off the show with a look at how a tough primary contest is pushing Texas Governor Greg Abbott to launch a brutal assault on not only transgender kids, but also their parents and doctors.

Then we are joined by Heather Hurlburt, director of New America's New Models of Policy Change project, to talk about what caused Russia to invade Ukraine, what the consequences might be and how the shallow foreign policy discourse in the US does a poor job of informing Americans about the complex world in which we live.

Then we circle back to look at how an angry white guy hopped up on right-wing propaganda opened fire on a group of racial justice protesters--and the cops effectively covered up the political nature of his crime.


  • Grand Funk Railroad: "Gimme Shelter"
  • Leikeli47: "Chitty Bang"
  • Talking Heads: "Psycho Killer"

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