Red Team vs. Blue Team: How does Incident Response work?


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Red team and blue team play an important role in defending against advanced cyber attacks that threaten business communications. In this special episode of Ransomware Battleground, we talk through the flow in incident response per cyber kill chain.

Ransomware Kill Switch™ can be used by the incident response to control/contain the blast radius in real time using the preventive and proactive zero trust approach. However, when the detections failed on zero day exploits, how can you use Ransomware Kill Switch™ in the post exfiltration mitigation phase?

Airgap provides an agentless Anti-Ransomware platform to stop the spread of malware in the enterprise network. Our industry’s first Ransomware Kill Switch™ locks down your most critical network assets at the first indication of compromise with complete control and policy enforcement over the device-to-device and device-to-application communication.

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