10. Church Planting Series: God's Plan To Reach the World with Charlie Houck


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What do Baja food, 250,000 military personnel, and the busiest border in North America have in common? .... They're all true about San Diego, CA!

In this episode, Charlie Houck, Church Planting Pastor of Mesa Church, discusses the joys and challenges of church planting in San Diego, CA, how to live out what God is calling you to do, and how it’s worth it to depend on God to provide all that you need because He is faithful to come through again and again.

Six Values That Define Mesa Church

  1. We pursue Jesus over everything
  2. We pursue community over isolation
  3. We pursue prayer over self-reliance
  4. We pursue diversity over comfort
  5. We pursue generosity over selfishness
  6. We pursue multiplication over addition

Learn more about Mesa Church: Mesachuchsd.com

Learn about Fielder's partnership with Charlie Houck: fielder.org/churchplants

Contact Charlie: charlie@mesachurchsd.com

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