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Welcome to The Intentional Fundraiser, an original podcast by Fundraising Transformed. My name is Tammy Zonker, host of The Intentional Fundraiser podcast, and Founder and President of Fundraising Transformed, and contributing writer for NonProfit PRO. This is the podcast where I equip and empower amazing nonprofit fundraising pros just like you to transform your fundraising so you can transform the world. I'll be sharing fundraising insights, strategies, and inspiration you can use to skyrocket your fundraising results! We’ll also share new, focused, highly relevant interviews about the trends, best practices, and questions that matter most right now. Oh, and be warned - you may hear a rant every now and then. Just say'n! So you don't miss a single episode, visit and subscribe today to The Intentional Fundraiser with Tammy Zonker Podcast! You’ll then be one of the first to know when I publish the newest episode. And if you like my podcast, write a review on Apple Podcast or Google and share it with someone who may benefit from everything I share on the podcast. I appreciate you, and what it takes to be an Intentional Fundraiser. Talk soon! Tammy Zonker Fundraising Strategist & Keynote Speaker

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