DJ Joolz - Chill-Out House Mix - ESCAPE


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Firstly, thank you for your support over the years, your feedback, your shares and likes, it means so much to me.
This episode is a ambient, mellow, laid back, chilled out mix to escape to somewhere special. I hope you enjoy this journey.
I believe that music is a powerful medium. The vibrations and frequencies of sound, evokes feelings.
I truly believe that the tracks selected for this journey, will uplift you, some of these tracks, are so beautiful, they made me weep.
Thank you to all of the artists and producers of this amazing music!
Please support the artists by buying their tracks.
Many thanks and love
Joolz xxx
1) Vangelis – Spanish Harbour
2) Sascha Ende – The Zone
3) Persia Beatz – Forsaken Dune (Punjabi Mix)
4) Vargo – Silence
5) Paco de Lucia – Mediterranean Sundance (Chillout)
6) Paradis Blue – Island of Memories (Piano Meets Guitar)
7) Café Americaine – Scuba Dive (Coolwater Mix)
8) Sean Hayman – Look to the Sky (Endless Waves Mix)
9) Cocoroove – Bora Bora Breeze (Bass Morph Mix)
10) Promised Land – Skyway
11) Mariena Shaw Akshin Alizadeh – Woman of the Ghetto (Akshin Alizadeh Remix)
12) Tosca – Annanas
13) Cocogroove – Bonsai Moon (Exotic Lounge Mix)

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