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Germany has a rich history when it comes to entrepreneurship. From Konrad Zuse, Carl Benz, and Ferdinand Porsche to Werner von Siemens, there is no shortage of success stories that can be told about German-based companies looking for global expansion opportunities abroad or investors seeking out fresh investment prospects at home/abroad. We continue this with keeping you up to date with the latest on the German-speaking startup scene in Germany (Europe’s largest economy), Switzerland, and Austria, collectively known as the GSA or DACH region. We are an English-only startup podcast with exclusive startup content, including regular news, and interviews. We are the international voice of the German-speaking startup scene. We focus on interviews with startups mostly around their Series B funding or even scale-ups from GSA. Once a month we bring you an exclusive startup new wrap-up as well. We are socred in the global Top 75 Science, Top 125 Tech, Top 400 Business Podcast (Chartable), Global Top 0.5% Podcast (Listen Notes), and global Top 20 Entrepreneurship Podcast on Apple Podcast across all countries (Podder).™ - All rights reserved This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podder - Podcorn - Chartable -

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