SW026 BMW X3 (2004)


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How many different codecs can you use to record a podcast?

Having covered Trains, we skip past Planes and move on to Automobiles while bringing you only mildly higher audio quality. Nick actually completely forgot about the long-awaited podcasting appointment, along with his microphone and laptop, so Florian goes with it and does a first ever podcast recording over Skype. Also guest starring: Nick's Mom.





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BMW X3 (E83)


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1. Nick reveals a secret. Or two. (00:00:00)

2. Bridget Farr makes a surprise guest appearance (00:16:40)

3. Nick rewinds the clock (00:27:04)

4. Big Cars (00:28:54)

5. Kristen (00:34:03)

6. Into the office! (00:44:31)

7. Florian went to Amsterdam (00:47:31)

8. To the market? And back! (00:52:36)

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