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"You attract what you reflect" - Sina Port

When Halima Aden announced last week she would be leaving the fashion industry, we saw how much strength there is in remembering who you are. The ONE word that came into mind when she shared her decision so generously with the world was "INTEGRITY".

Def of integrity (Oxford): the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. When you realize how much strength there is in
- not compromising your values,
- not fearing public perception,
- not hiding your truth,
you'll gain access to a new level of yourself, your business, brand, and womanhood.
In my 🦋 book, I have an entire chapter on this topic, because it is SO important! You attract what you reflect. When you reflect to the world the standards you believe in (for yourself and those around you),
👉🏽 you will attract friends, partners, collaborators, clients, 👉🏽 with the opportunities, money, and energy that match those standards.
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