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We all know what it's like to have people spread their unwanted opinions, and snoop into our lives & life decisions. It's annoying and honestly, we often don't know how to react (especially when those opinions come from family or people we meet at the workplace).

That's why I wanted to talk to Nasuha also called Nash. She's a boss woman, business owner and single mother from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. She shared her story of being undervalued and underrated at work, and how she raised above her environment to create her independence. Building a Personal Brand was an important step in her journey to becoming a self-sufficient businesswoman.

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We talked about:

  • What you get wrong about Personal Brand
  • What it actually means to build a brand that's true to who you are - How to stop caring about what people think (family & society)
  • Productivity hacks & prioritizing techniques
  • Managing a business & a family as a single mother
  • How to build a brand OFFLINE
  • Her 5 Steps to create a brand
  • What made her find her purpose

STOP, don't leave, here's Nash's question for you - Inshallah leave a comment here: What is the biggest limitation that you put for yourself in the business world? Share your diversity with us!

Video version:

Share your diversity with us!

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