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You are the narrator of your life. When you want to tell your personal brand story, it's really a story about how you see the challenges in your life and career.

The story we tell about our life, define our life and career. In Psychology and Psychotherapy (research by Grant and Dutton, 2012; Dan McAdams, 1985) shows that; there's two kind of stories that you can tell: you can either tell the story that comes from victim perspective (where you take on a negative identity = contamination stories), or you can tell the story that comes from a hero perspective (where you take on a positive identity = redemptive stories).

It's called a "narrative identity" because you are the narrator of your life! What is the redemptive story that you can tell? What is the positive identity that you can take on? leave it down in the comments!

Here are some tips when you think about what you have experienced:

- loss: how did it change your path to something you would never have experienced / learned otherwise?

What did you gain during that loss?

- inequality / injustice: how did this experience shape your personality and how are you fighting for it never to happen again (to yourself or others)?

- failure: what did you learn from it, how did it teach you for your future challenges?

The one thing we all share is our innate diversity.

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