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Are you struggling to manage your relationships during the lockdown? Building connections can make or break your career & life. That's why it's important for us to learn how to maintain, preserve, and upgrade our relationships (whether intimate, personal, or professional) especially in times of stress and pressure.

Zahra Aljabri is a spiritual mindset and relationship coach, the founder of Practical Muslim, and an entrepreneur through and through. Before she started coaching 12 years ago, she was the founder of Mode-sty.

In our conversation, Zahra spoke about:

  • Why relationships are important both in business and life
  • How family stress can train you to become a better businesswoman (!)
  • The meaning of intimacy and how to cultivate it in times of crisis
  • How to manage your personal & professional relationships during the lockdown
  • Why relationships are crucial to building a successful Personal Brand
  • Her journey into coaching and online training
  • Top tips to start coaching in any field

WAIT! Before you go, answer Zahra's question here:

What is the biggest takeaway you got from this episode?

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