EP351 - New Era Detroit (feat @NedZeek)


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Welcome back to shoptalkpodcast EP351! J and Dame are back for another week of foolishness. This week we are joined by Zeek (@NedZeek) who is the founder of @NewEraDetroit. We have spoken about the things that New Era Detroit has been doing in the community for years on the pod so it was a pleasure to have the good brother in the studio for a conversation . We talked a little about how he grew up, origins of N.E.D, the reception of their efforts early on, different initiatives they have been involved in, to sitting down with the Governor of Michigan last week. This was a really good conversation and I hop you enjoy.

Music Pick - Racks Up (High Rhode Anthem) feat. Icewear Mezzo, Kush Mac & Fortune Powers)

Who's Mans - Stop doing the dumb shit to MLK's Image for Party Fliers

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