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I often have people send me small bits of flash fiction, short stories and poetry. So I’ve decided to create a new project in which I occasionally take the most interesting work that I’m sent, and bring my own interpretations to these pieces Each production will be around 1-2 minutes in length and will feature one different voice-performer each time. The audio will be mixed with a suitable musical track, and an abstract video will be created in which the spoken text will be overlaid over the visuals. I purposely create the mood and the visuals based on what the piece means to me when I read it. I believe that when you adapt another persons idea, you create a unique amalgamation; something that couldn’t exist by itself. If you’re interested in sending me some work that you feel might be suitable for this style (or you’re interested in voicing pieces like this for me) drop me an email to Please Note: This is the audio only feed for this series. To view the different videos that go alongside these pieces, please visit:

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