How A Capsule Wardrobe Can Shift Your Business & Confidence Forever


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In this episode, I am joined by Monica Dilworth Watson to discuss how female entrepreneurs can level-up their branding, self-confidence and image with a capsule wardrobe. This episode is a must if you are ready to take your branding to the next level and add ease into developing an on-point, branded clothing style! Monica Watson is a bohemian stylist from Virginia USA who specializes in helping online female entrepreneurs create boho capsule wardrobes so they can feel confident and bohemian in all their social media branding to skyrocket their biz without overwhelm or repressing their unique personal style. She loves horses, bellbottoms, and believes expressing yourself through style is a crucial part of attracting your soulmate clients . Find out more at monicadilworthwatson dot com Craving more Soul Meets Strategy?

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