Pennsylvania Woodsman - Season Preparation, Arrow Set-Ups, and Keyboard Warriors


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This week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman Mitch dives into some season preparation with a bit more philosophy than direct strategy. As June slips away into the heat of summer, time to prepare for the upcoming archery season is also fading. Work has taken a significant chunk of Mitch's time but he still managed to help out and share the latest status of food plots at his hunting locations to prepare for this fall. In addition, he discusses the off-season practice routine he uses to build muscle memory and hone his shot execution this fall.

Lastly, we discuss shot ethics on game and knowing the limits of yourself and your equipment. Information overload is a real issue for beginners in the outdoors. While there is a ton of fantastic information available to get people started, it can be easy to take things out of context and have poor experiences. One such example is shot placement and how that relates between species and the arrow set-ups you use. This is where philosophy takes over, and even if you're a seasoned veteran we challenge you to reevaluate your shot process and be accountable for every arrow you release!.

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