Leafs' Stars Lack of Scoring, New Era of Raptors Basketball


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Sho Alli hosts! Leafs and NHL analyst for Yahoo! Sports Justin Cuthbert discusses William Nylander's hot start, Mitch Marner's lack of scoring and Michael Bunting's role with the Leafs ahead of their game against the Pittsburgh Penguins [6:49]. RotoWire NFL analyst Jim Coventry shares his thoughts on Lamar Jackson and his position in the MVP race, whether Baker Mayfield is the long-term solution for Cleveland and Tua Tagovailoa's future with Miami [27:47]. Dishes and Dimes co-host and writer for Dime Katie Heindl talks Scottie Barnes' performance against the Boston Celtics, Gary Trent Jr. potentially being a starting player and Fred VanVleet's new leadership role [54:40]. Cover 1 Buffalo co-host Aaron Quinn looks back on the Buffalo Bills' loss to the Tennessee Titans and their upcoming game against the Miami Dolphins [1:16:29].

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