Preparing Yourself for a Band Show Tour with Steve Stine


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The majority of musicians name touring as an aspect they love in their careers. By touring, you may showcase the song you have been working so hard on. You get to interact with your followers and win new ones!

In today’s episode of Steve Stine Guitar Podcasts, we're going to be talking about how to prepare your band for a show tour and yourself as well.

Tune in now, and let’s examine how to prepare the band and yourself for the tour!

  • (00:51)Why you need to prepare for a tour
  • (04:18)Learn how to be flexible(05:10)Develop a positive attitude
  • (06:37 )Be Professional
  • (07:53)Why you should know every song’s start and end
  • (10:58)Be organized with your gear
  • (15:43)Plan your finances


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