Roommates Ep. 2: The Annoying Olympics


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This is an exclusive preview episode as part of the recorded episode showcase for Storytelling Podcast Week.

This episode is written and brought to you by Briggon Snow the Creator of Roommates and voice of Casper, a guest on our Storytelling Podcast Week November Live Episode.


Episode Two: The Annoying Olympics - Coexisting in a dorm room is tricky when you get on each other's nerves.


Created, Directed, Sound Designed, Edited, Engineered by Briggon Snow (he/him) Story by Briggon Snow (he/him), M.C. Smith (she, them)

Show Art by Grayson Barber (he/him), Carlos Garcia (he/him)


Nik Whittemore (he/him) as OLLY

Briggon Snow (he/him) as CASPER


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